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Dear Trudi and Andre

We would like to convey a BIG THANK YOU to you and your staff for such a great work. From the first day we never doubted you looking after Lwandle, and in a space of two years she has become a big family friend of yours.

We really appreciate all your unconditional support to Lwandle and being patient with us as parents.

Lastly but not least, as we are all mourning for passing of Madiba, I felt that one should thank God for raising people like him whom we are now enjoying fruits of his toil. To this day I have never heard Lwandle complain about any remarks made at her that may connote racial tones or any form of discrimination whatsoever. In fact, I am not sure whether she knows what is Black and White except for colouring her drawings of course. Thank you for embracing the spirit of love and Ubuntu. Please carry this spirit to your children, grandchildren and grand-grand children so that we make SA a better world for all. It is for people like you who will make Mandela’s soul to rest in peace.

Once again thank you very much.

Mandla Mgomezulu

Dear Andre / Trudi-Lee
I am so happy that Azo is enjoying pre-school, you have no idea. It’s not easy to send your first child to school but seeing what a ball Azo is having makes it a breeze. And I know I have you to thank for that. The activities you plan, the room you decorate, the friendships you help foster it’s all incredible, and it’s helping my son (and me!) believe that school is fun, which is incredibly important.
Good teachers are a rare breed. They are knowledgeable, patient, enthusiastic and kind. They manage all this in the face of our kids. Thank you for being an excellent educator! I know teachers like you are not easy to find. I appreciate your time, your patience, your ability to make a dry day interesting, and your smile.
Thank you again for understanding yesterday and for compromising your time to make sure that my child is safe. Much appreciated.

Thandeka Miya

Happy Feet is undoubtedly the home away from home for kids.

They truly made my kid feel exceptional and i am really enjoying the pleasures of the Happy Feet experience as a parent.

Happy Feet, you guys rock!! You are amazing!!!!

Keep up the great work.

Ravikesh Jugoo

i am very pleased with the growth that we seen in ethan over the passed months. we really appreciate your excellent work and pray that your’l succeed in all you do.

Jeanita Jonathan

Kelsie has developed so much through Happy Feet. She is more confident. Her encounters with other kids away from school shows she is taught sharing and caring. She has developed such a vibrant personality and is very outgoing in her own way.
She has obtained a lot of skills in practical things and continues to be a happy child.
Great to see her develop so well and thanks to you and your staff for always giving her back to me in the afternoon smiling from ear to ear. Nothing more rewarding! All the staff have really impacted her life greatly!!!!

Jeanine and Pierre Le Roux

My sons, Cael and Reid, have been attending Happy Feet since May 2012. I was naturally apprehensive at first about whether I had made the right choice.
But with every passing day I am given countless reasons to confirm that choosing Happy Feet was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I brag about Happy Feet – not just because of the excellent educational and extra curricular activities; or the lovely facilities; or the wonderful dedicated teachers; or the highly professional committed management team; or the amazing growth and development that I see in my boys.

I brag about Happy Feet – because of the smiles and hugs that my boys are greeted with; the care and concern when they are unwell; the love and encouragement and positivity that they are constantly surrounded by.

When Cael sings a new song, when he raves about the tasty food he eats, when he boasts about his many friends, and when I am greeted with the broadest smiles, I know that Happy Feet was the right choice.

No mother could ever be happy to be apart from her baby boys from early in the morning till late in the afternoon, but I do so, fully assured that my boys are safe and happy at their HOME AWAY FROM HOME.


I just wanted to extend my thanks and gratitude to the both of you and your staff for looking after Sandiswa in the past few days that she was really sick. I know that sick kids don’t normally attend school however you made an exception with her and in addition to that you gave her all her medication without fail. As you can see she is feeling much better now and I cannot thank you enough for taking special care of her, it is much appreciated

Mpume Msomi